Setting up Travis CI for Jekyll to build and deploy

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I just set up first ever Continuous Integration Build Process using TravisCI, TravisCI, is pretty cool, super simple, and a joy to use. This build process was setup for this very blog, in order to save me hassle of rebuilding the whole blog manually and then deploying it manually too. Life was never so fun.

Here’s my build file though

language: ruby
 - 2.3.3
 - 2.2
    - bash ./scripts/
    - npm install -g surge
    - npm install -g firebase-tools
    - ./scripts/
    - ./scripts/

        - gh-pages

You might have noticed paths to bash scripts, majority of what TravisCI does for this blog is located in these scripts. You can checkout all the bash scripts in the scripts/ directory of this blog’s Github Repository.

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